Los Angeles REAP and Housing Trouble Specialists

With regards to the REAP program, property owners have the option to request a General Manager’s hearing to:

1) Appeal LAHD’s decision to place the property into the REAP program, and
2) Upon request for withdrawal from the escrow account.

When LAHD has made the determination to place a property into the REAP program, the property owner is issued a notice. On that notice, the owner is given an opportunity to appeal this determination. This appeal has to be made within 15 days.

To file the appeal, complete the instructions on the notice that was issued to you. Filing an appeal will open the case up to a General Managers hearing, and the owner is given an opportunity to provide supporting documentation to the Hearing Officer, and avoid acceptance into the REAP program.

IN ORDER TO MAKE YOUR CASE AT THE GM HEARING…..you will need to have had all violations corrected and the property signed off by LAHD prior to the hearing. If you need more time to correct the violations, this can also be addressed at the hearing. There must be evidence supporting your request.

Following the General Manager’s hearing, the Hearing Officer will make a determination whether or not to accept the property into the REAP program.

If you believe that the Hearing Officer’s decision was subject to error in fact or law, you have the right to appeal the GM decision within 10 days to the Rent Adjustment Commission (RAC). This will not grant you additional time to get the work done. This appeal will cost $150.

A General Managers hearing is also held whenever a party (owner, tenant, creditor) submits a request for withdrawal of funds from the escrow account.

The person requesting the funds must file an application with LAHD, and will be notified within 21 days of a hearing. The person requesting the funds must be present at the hearing, and must provide supporting documentation to support his/her request for funds. A decision will be made within 10 days of the hearing. For more information, please see
Withdrawals from the Escrow Account.